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East Green Tackle



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Our 12mm black anti-glare Bait Screws allow you to present your chosen hook bait with a more natural movement. Bait screws are fitted directly onto the shank of your hook and can be used with many different baits. 

Hook stops are used when adding bait screws directly on the hook to prevent them sliding off. Bait screws can also be tied to a hair instead of being used directly on the hook.

Our bait screws can be used with many different carp rigs such as, D Rigs, Chod Rigs and Blow Back Rigs, to name a few.

These bait screws are 12mm in length. The oval link loop measures 4mm x 3mm and the Rig Ring is 3.1mm.

Bait screw have become popular in the carp fishing world as we look to gain an edge over wary carp.
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